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AYDA Awards (previously known as Asia Young Designer Awards), was first launched in 2008 as part of Nippon Paint’s vision to nurture the next generation of design talents. The award serves as a platform to inspire Architectural and Interior Design students to develop their skills through crosslearning opportunities and networking with key industry players and fellow Architectural and Interior Design peers in the region.
Since then, AYDA has grown in reach and stature and has now established itself as one of Asia’s premier design awards. It has received more than 41,000 entries from over 1,200 tertiary education institutions to date across 17 geographical locations globally. Over the years, AYDA has impacted thousands of young and talented student designers, presenting them with various opportunities to engage with renowned speakers and key figures in the design industry. In addition, the platform has enabled the participants to gain first-hand industry knowledge, personalised coaching, mentoring and skills-building through various workshops by experienced lecturers and industry professionals. On top of that, this experience allowed participants to learn from their fellow peers from within and across borders.
Every year, AYDA presents yet another opportunity for young design talents to push their design boundaries further beyond the norm. Through the various experiential learnings and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as these, AYDA has established a close-knit design community comprising professional architects, interior designers, industry associations, partners, design schools, alumni and design student.

Award Mechanics

Participants are required to submit their architectural and interior design ideas based on a design theme, specially curated by design professionals and associations.

The design themes are established to translate the essence of AYDA i.e. colour-focused direction, eco and sustainability-focused, pushing design boundaries, community and people centric design, design originality and future forward thinking which will help to create positive impacts in the world.

Highlights of AYDA :

  • 1. The Regional Learning Programme:
    • Sharing sessions by renowned architects and interior designers
    • Regional finals where all finalists from each country congregates for the Asia Young Designer of the Year Award
    • Cross-learning via mentoring session exclusively for regional Gold winners for enhancement on their works and presenting it effectively to judges which comprised of professional architects, designers and associations across Asia
    • Study tours to renowned architectural cultural attractions
  • 2. AYDA XChange
    • An exchange of design ideas platform for captains of the architecture and interior design industry to the AYDA community. The platform also features notable alumni of the Award who were past winners to promote the exchange of ideas whilst building their design career.

Supported By:

"Knowledge is Power."

Ethos was started sixteen years ago by Ar. Gita Balakrishnan, as a response to a need to build awareness on our built environment; a need to bridge the gap between students undergoing education in colleges and the outside professional world; a need to provide more opportunities to budding professionals and to create a platform, a network of young designers and civil engineers who are to be decision-makers in the years to come.

Ethos works towards sensitizing students of architecture and civil engineering to the culture and the ethos that their designs would need to respond to. There is an effort to equip students to be agents of change, to lead and not just follow and to contribute towards building of a harmonious society. Ethos' main objective is to be the wind beneath the wings of young minds that are to shape our built environment in the years to come.

Our association with AYDA is another step in the same direction.